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  • Real Time 360 Protection For Any Motorbike


Real Time 360 Protection For Any Motorbike

Ride vision keeps you aware of potential road threats in real time for a safer ride

Ride vision Alerts

Ride Vision’s unique system works by using two small wide-angle cameras mounted on the rear and front of the vehicle, that transmits footage to Ride Vision’s onboard processing unit, where a patented algorithm is used to detect and notify riders of collision threats in real-time.

With Ride Vision motorcyclists get crucial seconds back when reacting to roadway threats, which could mean the difference between a collision, and coming home safe after every ride.

Features & Alerts


Ride Vision Lite

Forward Collision Alert Customizable
Distance Keeping Alert Customizable
Blind Spot Alert
Dangerous Overtake Alert
Auto Video Recording

Ride Vision Pro

Includes everything in Ride Vision Lite as well as periodic upgrades

Accident Video Lock

Video Preview

Bluetooth Auto-Sync

Fun Video Clip Editor

Coming Soon

Emergency Call & More Alerts

Coming Soon

* This product is not compatible with round mirrors, we are currently working on a new design to cater for this *

ride vision mobile app

Customize alerts

Download videos

Collect ride stats

Download Now ( Lite )
Download Now ( Pro )

Technical Specs

Wide- Angle cameras
3 hours continuous - loop recording
Compact, auto-recording cameras
Easy installation, Brand and model agnostic
Weather & steam proof IP69K
Hardwired directly to battery with minimum charge used (Less than a mobile phone)
Customizable, highly visible, non-intrusive LED alerts
Keep track of ride stats, access ride footage, and compare notes with friends!